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Nilanthi Dayananda

My invitation to you is to stop for a moment right NOW and take three slow, deep long breaths with the intention and prayer to connect with your heart and allow yourself to BE for just this moment.

In this moment of quiet can you remember when you last felt a sense of calm, freedom, wholeness, connection and balance. With the busy lives we lead, it can be a real challenge to maintain this feeling of connection to ourselves. This can lead to feeling stuck, confused, afraid, stressed, tired and so on.  


My purpose is helping people find easy ways to integrate simple techniques to bring back peace with-in, wellbeing, empowerment, vitality and balance. As an Intuitive Facilitator and Naturopath, I am here to fully support you using a range of practices including  Craniosacral Therapy, Mindfulness Meditation and Shamanic Energy work to provide you with a portfolio of easy to use tools . I offer my many years of professional and personal life experience and expertise as a holistic health and wellbeing practitioner to personally customise treatment programs to suit your needs.

Nilanthi Dayananda

“Jump and see, otherwise you will never know!
No right or wrong – just an experience you choose.”

~ Nilanthi

“True colours of the heart have no name, no shape, no words. Only silence can paint them on your canvas of life.”

~ Nilanthi

“All emotion is just energy passing through – don’t identify with them. Let them pass and remember who you are.”

~ Nilanthi

“When the body suffers be kind to yourself, love and accept all that hurts with deep compassion and kindness.”

~ Nilanthi

“When tough moments, come, breathe deep and remember that this too shall pass.”

~ Nilanthi

“Live life as a continuous prayer of gratitude.”

~ Nilanthi

“Create a container of safety and sanctuary in your heart so that it may receive all that has been rejected and judged by you.”

~ Nilanthi

“Watch your own life move on the screen. Be aware of being in the audience and also taking part in all the roles. Don’t take yourself too seriously.”

~ Nilanthi

“Follow your heart, trust your wisdom, listen to your intuition, take action and surrender the outcome.”

~ Nilanthi

“In the blue of the ocean there is a nameless one.”

~ Nilanthi

“When you feel lonely remember you are only one thought, one breath away from yourself. Return into your heart and reside here.”

~ Nilanthi

“Live each moment, each day as if it is your last day.”

~ Nilanthi

“The outer world reflects your inner world. So take a look inside yourself before pointing fingers at others.”

~ Nilanthi

You can expect to come away with more self awareness and a range of self empowering tools to help you embrace change effortlessly. I offer ongoing mentoring and support to guide you through your darkest and hardest times. This enables you to develop a deeper sense of calm trust and acceptance in life’s miracles that are always available.

Sessions are available one on one both Via Skype / online and in my private practice currently based in Perth Western Australia. Personalised retreats and workshops in Europe, Bali and throughout Australia can be tailored to your specific needs and challenges.

Please join my mailing list for upcoming dates and venues. I also offer online programs and courses.

My commitment to you is to show up fully present, open and willing to explore, navigate and facilitate the possibilities of true freedom, peace and joy with great compassion and self awareness. I look forward to supporting you on your journey.

One to one with Nilanthi

One to one

Private sessions in person, via Skype or other online mediums, best suited to your needs.



A range of events including talks, workshops, retreats and meditation classes. Events are held around the world but primarily occur in Australia and Bali.

nilanthi corporate


  • Inspirational talks.
  • Transformational mentoring.
  • Mindful meditation.
orchid women's health

Women’s Health

Supporting and mentoring women including

  • Post natal depression
  • Embracing change
  • Chronic fatigue
One to one with Nilanthi


Sharings from my heart

  • Reflections
  • Inspirations
  • Realisations and insights


Keeping you informed and up to date with previews to special events, early invites, exclusive opportunities and offers.

Book your session with Nilanthi

Book your session

How to book your session

  • In person
  • Online or Skype
meditations with Nilanthi


Simple guided meditations and inner journeys to help you remember, reconnect and restore inner peace.

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