About Me

I am a mother, a daughter, a grand daughter, a woman, and nothing. A lover of nature, animals and truth. As a fellow traveller on this life path I began my quest for the meaning of life very early in my childhood inspired by challenging circumstances.

The gift was the inner yearning to find what was truth and the purpose for being born. Through many dark times of emotional turmoil and health challenges that included the healing journeys through cancer, depression and chronic fatigue, I learnt a lot about how my inner world reflects the outer. How my thoughts, beliefs, emotional baggage and care of the physical body manifested in various dis-eases and circumstances. I learnt that nothing outside of myself could make me happy or sad. It was up to me how I chose to react and respond to any given situation. I also continue to learn cultivating more kindness, compassion, and acceptance towards my human frailties and others.


Remembering You with Nilanthi Dayananda

I have been blessed with some amazing masters in my life that have guided and pointed the way to remember, recognize and reconnect more with the “self” that is true and authentic. I am eternally grateful for this grace that continues to support my path of surrender, trust and living in the moment empty yet complete. I am grateful for all situations in life as it is an opportunity to learn, integrate and master the spiritual teachings in daily practice. Every moment can be your teacher. I follow my heart and let intuition guide me most of the time and when I don’t the lessons are fast and clear! I give thanks to my parents who birthed me into this life and cared for me the best they could. I honor my grandmother who lived a humble life in alignment with meditation practices and Buddhist teachings. I pay respect to the land of Sri Lanka where I was born and took flight at an early age to live and explore adventures on many countries on this planet.

Currently based between Australia and Bali, I travel sharing and connecting with others with the humble heart prayer “may I be an instrument of the divine in love and service for the highest good of all”

And…I absolutely love and adore cats!

“When the body suffers be kind to yourself, love and accept all that hurts with deep compassion and kindness.”

~ Nilanthi

“In the blue of the ocean there is a nameless one.”

~ Nilanthi

“The outer world reflects your inner world. So take a look inside yourself before pointing fingers at others.”

~ Nilanthi

“Live life as a continuous prayer of gratitude.”

~ Nilanthi

“Create a container of safety and sanctuary in your heart so that it may receive all that has been rejected and judged by you.”

~ Nilanthi

“True colours of the heart have no name, no shape, no words. Only silence can paint them on your canvas of life.”

~ Nilanthi

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