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I work as an  Intuitive Facilitator,  Mentoring from the Heart using various professional tools and modalities such as  Craniosacral Therapy,  Mindfulness meditation practices,  Shamanic energy work, guided inner and outer healing journey’s that hold up a mirror to reflect parts of yourself that are ready to be met but may find difficult to embrace.

I am also a  Naturopath  combining supportive nutritional and lifestyle programs to suit your needs that help you make informed, conscious and empowered choices in your life.

“When the body suffers be kind to yourself, love and accept all that hurts with deep compassion and kindness.”

~ Nilanthi

“Watch your own life move on the screen. Be aware of being in the audience and also taking part in all the roles. Don’t take yourself too seriously.”

~ Nilanthi

“In the blue of the ocean there is a nameless one.”

~ Nilanthi

“True colours of the heart have no name, no shape, no words. Only silence can paint them on your canvas of life.”

~ Nilanthi

“Jump and see, otherwise you will never know!
No right or wrong – just an experience you choose.”

~ Nilanthi

“When tough moments, come, breathe deep and remember that this too shall pass.”

~ Nilanthi

Individual Skype Sessions

Individualized, personal Skype sessions are available to mentor, coach and facilitate your inner and outer transformation through times of change. I recommend an hour-and-half session for the first time and choose follow-up sessions according to your needs.

The sessions can also include distant craniosacral therapy, energy healing support and guided meditation if needed.


Specific programs are designed  to suit you over a period of 1 -6 months to support you through transitional times. You will be given practical tools that can be integrated into your daily life with consistent and reliable support through your sessions until you can feel empowered confident to continue on your own. This is my commitment to you.

Since I facilitate inspirational talks, workshops, retreats and private sessions globally, perhaps we have the opportunity to meet in person too. As a mother, one of the best gifts my son has given me is to learn how to integrate and practically apply the above into daily life. My aim is to listen and fully support you with compassion and presence on your transformational healing journey to Remember more of who you truly are. To facilitate a safe space where you can relax deeply in order to self-enquire and explore the depths of your hidden myths, stories, beliefs, fears, expectations and attachments that may stand in the way of living an authentic life of freedom, peace and joy.

My private sessions in person or online can include all of the above or some depending on your intentions, needs and circumstances.

To confirm a Skype session with Nilanthi, please either use the calendar booking system on this page or e-mail on

Payments for sessions are made via Paypal.

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