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Remembering You

Nilanthi’s sessions are an INVITATION for you to explore, investigate, recognize, remember and actualise more of who you truly are within a safe space.

A doorway to heaven created by you

Maybe you are shy , skeptical or unsure
Whatever the reason there is a cure

This mind of yours can play wild tricks
while this heart of yours can weigh like bricks

Perhaps its time to lay down the weapons and TRUST
Not good or bad, right or wrong just old rust

Come join me on an adventure exploring possibilities
Discovering dreams beyond probabilities

Light a match of ignition and we are on our way
To realize, actualize and surrender to divine say
A life of joy, love and grace
To this I bow in this gratitude phase

Your birthright is to recognize and remember who you are
Realise SELF beyond self if you dare

Then bring back your memories and share
As if for the first time you lay bare and care

Uncut, unedited flare of TRUTH
NOW is the moment of the forbidden fruit

Unveil , unmask this naked truth
And you will know your destiny’s youth

Celebrate, co-create, magic is in the air
The sweet romance of a life giving pair

An illusion non the less of union elsewhere
Come and taste this tussle everywhere

Brave is the one that chooses to be
Free from shackles of society’s me

For this journey you take is the hero and heroin
Remembering as one , returning as non

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