Corporate and professional development

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More information about Nilanthi’s work for corporate organisations requiring professional and personal development for their teams will be published soon. Programmes are often created specifically for the needs of each organisation and can include a range of workshops, talks and personal one-to-one sessions both in person and remote via Skype.
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corporate events with Nilanthi

“When tough moments, come, breathe deep and remember that this too shall pass.”

~ Nilanthi

“Live life as a continuous prayer of gratitude.”

~ Nilanthi

“When you feel lonely remember you are only one thought, one breath away from yourself. Return into your heart and reside here.”

~ Nilanthi

“Create a container of safety and sanctuary in your heart so that it may receive all that has been rejected and judged by you.”

~ Nilanthi

“Follow your heart, trust your wisdom, listen to your intuition, take action and surrender the outcome.”

~ Nilanthi

“All emotion is just energy passing through – don’t identify with them. Let them pass and remember who you are.”

~ Nilanthi

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