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All retreats and events support “Remembering You”, the authentic and true you, not the one you are expected to be, have been conditioned to be or believed to be. Experiential integration and tools to take home to help sustain this remembrance. The retreat consists of parts that are silent, interactive, reflective, creative, physical movement, meditative, nature teachings, integrating and sharing.
They can be from 1 day to 14 days. I am open and available to facilitate private individualized retreats to support inner and outer transformation. The program will be customized to suite your needs with the availabilities in the local region that is chosen for hosting your unique and specialized experience.

I have experienced many sacred lands and spaces over the years that lend to certain alchemical shifts within that will be picked for all my retreats as well as where there is a calling and invitation to new places that can be of your choice as well. Group retreats are kept to a small number usually not exceeding 12-14 maximum. Workshops, talks, meditation groups and women’s circles are part of my offerings. They can be based on supporting issues that are helpful to a particular community, business, or individuals with the core theme being mindful awareness, conscious communication and relating, emotional responsibility.



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