My hope is to establish a monthly news and updates as well as a weekly quote along with a self-reflective challenge.

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“Watch your own life move on the screen. Be aware of being in the audience and also taking part in all the roles. Don’t take yourself too seriously.”

~ Nilanthi

“The outer world reflects your inner world. So take a look inside yourself before pointing fingers at others.”

~ Nilanthi

“Jump and see, otherwise you will never know!
No right or wrong – just an experience you choose.”

~ Nilanthi

“Live each moment, each day as if it is your last day.”

~ Nilanthi

“When tough moments, come, breathe deep and remember that this too shall pass.”

~ Nilanthi

“Follow your heart, trust your wisdom, listen to your intuition, take action and surrender the outcome.”

~ Nilanthi

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