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One of my main areas of focus is in women’s health and wellbeing – mentoring and supporting women with connecting to their true divine nature and expressing their empowered authentic self in the world. Some of my work for many years has involved specially caring for women through pregnancy, birth and post birth issues including volunteering at a free natural birthing clinic in Bali for several years. I am grateful to have had a healthy pregnancy though journeyed a myriad of emotional waves, birthed naturally and safely at home with the support of amazing midwives, my son’s father and a dear friend.

Post birth I plummeted into deep post natal depression which took me into depths of despair, isolation, fear,anxiety, crumbling many false worlds of ,expectations and romantic illusions of “the happily married couple with the joy of their first baby”, not to mention being riddled with guilt, shame and ugliness with my struggle to cope specially as a practitioner in the healing arts. Alone and exhausted with very little support or understanding from around me I had to learn to piece myself back together without drugs or intervention and find a way that could sustain me for the sake of my son.

This journey taught me great compassion, humility, strength and understanding of the dark abyss of postnatal depression and depression in general. There was only one way out of this and that was to be authentic,honest and embrace all the wounds, hurts, fears, insecurities, judgments and the unknown one breath ,one prayer at a time. I broke, I crumbled, I let go, I trusted, I surrendered, I opened and allowed myself to receive. Slowly I pieced myself back together again. I prayed and trusted that as I did it would would reflect and ripple into the field of all other woman suffering to help them remember how to piece themselves back too no matter what the situation was. I believe we are all connected by our heart threads that weave a mystery. Together we can support one another, inspire and hold one another for each to remember their magnificence, their light, their purpose and ignite this in places where it is forgotten.

I offer myself in service for the remembering of the divine feminine that resides in us all.
I am available for facilitating woman’s groups, talks, workshops, retreats and sacred ceremonies that honor and initiate change through transitions.

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